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Currently we have a container of Honda Motor Cycles landed in Durban, fresh from Japan. Take a look below.


Welcome to Kotobuki Trading

Durban is the biggest port for various businesses for all the Southern African Countries. It is particularly famous for its over 100 duty free bond stock yards for imported used vehicles. Because of this great number of yards the competition among those used car importers is very tight, thus made the prices of those vehicle reasonable and attractive.

If you want to buy a reasonable second hand Japanese car, don't buy it from Japanese company through internet. Some are dependable, but some are not. And it will take more thab one month for any vehicle to reach Durban, then shipped to your country of residence and go through the clearing process, etc. This process takes more than 2 months. If you need a reliable car sooner, count on us. We are a JAPANESE company in Durban! A carrier truck is ready to hit the road within 5 working days after your payment.