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Currently we have a container of Honda Motor Cycles landed in Durban, fresh from Japan. Take a look below.



Information for the Registration Process in Zimbabwe

(This information is provided by Dr. Ortis.)

1. Legal immigrants to Zimbabwe are entitled to one duty free car.
2. It is easy for everyone to import cars with the payment of duties. You would be amazed about the number of vehicles you see at the Police station when you take the vehicle for inspection on daily basis. A rough calculation would indicate somewhere around 60 or 80 a day.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Once the vehicle is in country you take all the paperwork and the vehicle to the Customs office. They will inspect and verify the information on the paperwork, particularly engine numbers and the general state of the vehicle in tandem with the declared price. If they are happy, they will give you the total amount to be paid.

2. Once duties are paid. You then take the vehicle to the police for a second inspection and particularly to find out whether or not the vehicle was stolen. It takes about 10 days to clear this.

3. You then need to pay insurance (generally third party)

4. Once the police clearance is with you, you then go to the traffic control office and begin the process of requesting licence plates. You pay small about 15USD

5. Finally you go to workshop where plates are made. It takes 24 hours to get them made.

You are on the road