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Currently we have a container of Honda Motor Cycles landed in Durban, fresh from Japan. Take a look below.


Our Service

One of our main services is supporting you to purchase Japanese Used Vehicles in Durban. You can drastically reduce the cost of a vehicle if you let us handle your purchase. This became possible since we are based in Durban and cut out all the hidden cost of forwarding vehicles to all Southern Part of Africa.

We look for the Japanese used vehicles according to your order. We send images of the vehicle choices as well as all the information on prices, transportation cost etc. Us being in Durban also helps cut the time for you to get your vehicle. You don't need to wait for a long time to get it since they are all here.

Kotobuki Trading can also assist you with the spare parts when the need arises. We hope to establish a long standing relationship with our clients so we will try to look after our customers.

Why is it so reasonable?

Because, we cut up all the middle costs.

For the car, we buy the vehicle at the bonded stock yard on your behalf. We don't hold our stocks, and we don't stay at the hotels in Durban looking for the vehicles like most of the buyers do, nor we don't travel all the car exporters do. We are the registered company in Durban. We can cut out all the costs that the car brokers spend that reflect on the retail costs.

For motor cycles, we import them by ourself. We service them with authorized dealers, register them officially for South African Costomers and deliver them with specialized carrier company with insurance. There is no retail costs neither.